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Event Date: January 29, 2021
COVID Updates Here


Updated January 26, 2021

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General Information

Mutual Aid

  • Need help, or want to Volunteer?  Individuals in Barre Town and Barre City have come together as Barre Mutual Aid to match volunteers with people unable to grocery shop, need help with medication pick-up, tutoring, or need other essential assistance.   This effort is not organized by the town or the city.  To request help from Barre Mutual Aid, visit the website:  If you do not have internet, call 802-505-9110.  (WNOC0RRC is scaling down operations after Friday, May 15.)

For Individuals and Households

  • Unemployment:  Out of work due to COVID-19?  The federal and state governments have expanded unemployment benefits.  You can apply for benefits online now to ensure that you receive information when it's available. 
  • Click here to file for unemployment benefits:
  • Click here for more information from the Vermont Department of Labor specific to COVID-19:
  • Sexual and Domestic violence:  Member organizations of the Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence continue to provide a range of services to those who need it.  The local member is Circle Vermont:

For Children and Families

  • Click here for the Department of Children and Families COVID-19 resource page:
  • Child Abuse:  If you suspect child abuse, contact local police.  In an emergency, dial 911.  The Barre City Police Department's non-emergency line is 802-476-6613.
  • Pet Food Resource:  The Central Vermont Humane Society:  802-476-3811.  The shelter provides pet food to local human food banks in Barre.  If you cannot get to a food bank, call the shelter for availability.

For Businesses

 COVID Testing Sites and Dates

  • Click on the link below for a complete listing of COVID testing sites.
  • Preregister here or call 2-1-1 for registration assistance:





State of Vermont - Agency of Human Services

Michael K. Smith, Secretary

Office of the Secretary                                                                                                      

280 State Drive                                                                                                                               

Waterbury, VT 05671-1000  

[phone] 802-241-0440

[fax] 802-241-0450                                 


November 18, 2020

Agency of Human Services Update to Washington County
Update on case growth in Central Vermont

·         There have been approximately 900 cases reported in the last two weeks in Vermont. (as of 11/17)

·         Orange and Washington Counties account for nearly 40% of the COVID-19 cases in the state in the last two weeks.

·         Orange County: 68 cases for an incidence rate of 23.5 per 10,000 people – twice the state incidence rate of 12.6

·         Washington County: 233 cases for an incidence rate of nearly 40 cases per 10,000 people – over three times the state rate.

·         We are monitoring and investigating more than 50 active situations in Washington and Orange Counties


Impact of increased case growth

Now more than ever, we need to do all we can to focus people’s efforts on prevention and containment.

Our focus needs to be on strengthening Vermonters’ commitment and ability to adapt their behaviors – to protect themselves and prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus.

We know what the solutions are:  (1) limiting contacts and gatherings,(2) following the travel and quarantine guidance, and (3) getting tested when you’ve been to a social gathering, had symptoms of Covid-19, or had exposure to a person who is infected.

We need everybody’s help to be successful.


Supportive Messaging (For communications and social media to your community)

1.      We are all tired of this pandemic, but pandemic fatigue is contributing to the current rise in cases. Please keep social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding social gatherings. Now is the most important time to stay vigilant.

2.      We can’t control the nature of the virus. So, we must focus on the things we can control. Please forgo holiday season and all nonessential travel. If you do choose to travel, please be sure you follow our health guidance and quarantine when you return. Learn more on our website:

3.      It’s likely we’ll all find ourselves in situations where others’ actions during COVID-19 make us feel uncomfortable — they’re crowding us, not wearing a mask properly, or go to shake our hand. Here are some simple tips to help you speak up for staying safe:

4.      Stay home when you are sick to keep illness from spreading to others. That means canceling any plans and not going to work. Let your friends, family or neighbors know you are not feeling well. Ask if they are willing to drop off food, prescription, or other things you need while you recover.


Executive Order – Talking Points and Summary

The actions taken by Governor Scott on November 13th are targeted explicitly at where Vermont’s experience and data are clearly pointing us. Including the counties and communities where heightened attention is needed immediately to prevent outbreaks and further spread.

This information comes directly from our epidemiology and contact tracing teams – they see are the ones that track these cases each and every day and are the experts in understanding what is driving our current increases.

What the data demonstrates – and the experience of contact tracing shows – is that social gatherings – inside and outside – at homes, bars and social clubs, and among sports teams is currently driving outbreaks.

Since the start of October, 71% of outbreaks are tied to private social gatherings of these types. And one of the largest outbreaks we’ve had in Vermont traces back to an outdoor social gathering – a tailgate party, where everyone assumed they were safe, just because they were outside in an open space, and so other protocols like distancing or consistent masking were not followed.

At this time, Vermont data does not point to restaurants, gyms or other close contact businesses as drivers of outbreaks.

Instead, the data currently suggests that the distancing requirements, capacity restrictions, masking and other safety protocols at these businesses are working.

The bottom line with this guidance is to stop multi-family social gatherings, especially events like parties: it is no coincidence cases are spiking in the weeks after Halloween, when too many adults had friends over to their homes. This is what is driving case growth and outbreaks.

We understand how incredibly difficult and frustrating this is, but even after weeks of warnings about the threat these gatherings were posing, they have continued, and they are very clearly driving what is now record case growth in Vermont. So, these steps are necessary to ensure we preserve our hospital capacity, which saves lives.

Our hope is with strong adherence to these measures, we can return to the case stability we’ve had since May and ease restrictions once again.


Measures announced by the Governor on Friday, November 13, effective Saturday, November 14 at 10 p.m.:

·         Public and Private Multi-Household Social Gatherings Prohibited

Attendance at all public and private social gatherings, indoor and outdoor, including social gatherings incidental to ceremonies, holiday gatherings, parties and celebrations, shall be limited to participation with only members of a single household. Individuals who live alone may gather with members of their immediate family residing in a different household.

·         Restaurant Hours and Seating Limits

Restaurants must close in-person dining at 10 p.m., but may provide curbside and delivery service after 10 p.m. For in-person dining, restaurants must seat only one household per table, in accordance with existing capacity limits and the new restriction on multi-household gatherings.

·         Closure of Bars and Social Clubs

Bars and social clubs will be closed for in-person service until further notice. Curbside and delivery service is allowed.

·         Pausing Recreational Sports

Youth and adult recreational sports activities, not related to Vermont Principals Association sanctioned school sports, are suspended until further notice.

·         Telework Requirements

All businesses, non-profits and government entities shall reinstitute telework policies for all employees to the maximum extent possible. In person meetings are strongly discouraged and should be held by telephone or video conference whenever possible.

·         Contact Tracing and Testing Requirements

All restaurants and other businesses hosting non-essential activities shall maintain a 30-day log of employee and guest names and contact information in case contact tracing is required by the Health Department. These individuals are consenting to be contacted by the Health Department Contact Tracing Team. Further, all Vermonters are directed to comply with requests made by the Contact Tracing Team. Finally, college students returning home in Vermont (from in-state and out-of-state schools) shall quarantine for 14 days or seven days with a negative COVID-19 test and testing is strongly encouraged.