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Ambulance Billing, Medical Billing, Medical Coding,

Event Date: December 28, 2022
Ambulance Billing Coder/ Administrative Support Clerk

Effective Date:  Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Organization:  City of Barre

Position Title:  Ambulance Billing Coder/ Administrative Support Clerk

Department:  Fire, EMS and Code Enforcement

Supervisor:  Chief of Fire and EMS

Salary:  $37,793 - $43,680

Administrative work to support the activities of the Fire Department and assist the Chief of Fire/EMS in discharging the duties of the office, to include but not limited to accounting and computer data entry, maintenance of detailed financial records, processing and collection of department’s bills, and department’s payroll, ambulance billing process and procedures, coordinates interdepartmental personal communication device orders, processes orders for equipment and supplies unique to fire and emergency medical services.