July 2023 Flood Response

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Board of Abatement

The Board of Abatement meets 1-2 times/year to hear requests for abatement of property taxes, water/sewer charges, late fees, and/or interest.  Abatement requests must meet at least one of the criteria as laid out in state statute:  https://legislature.vermont.gov/statutes/section/24/051/01535.

Abatement hearing requests can be submitted in writing to the City Clerk at PO Box 418, Barre VT  05641, or by email to cdawes@barrecity.org.

The Board is made up of Justices of the Peace, Councilors, Clerk/Treasurer, and City Assessor.

Contact the Clerk's office with any questions at (802) 476-0242 or cdawes@barrecity.org.

List of Board of Abatement members


Those who experienced flood damage to their properties may have an option for abatement of property taxes if their property is deemed "lost or destroyed", as per state statute.  

Barre City property tax bills are scheduled to be mailed out by mid-August, with the first quarterly installment due by September 15th.

 State statute requires the City to bill properties based on their value as of April 1st each year, so tax bills will be sent out based on pre-flood assessments.  If you're property experienced flood damage, you will have an opportunity to submit an appeal to the Board of Abatement.  Additional information about such appeals will be shared on Front Porch Forum and on the City website as the schedule develops.

 Contact Barre City Clerk Carol Dawes with any questions after you receive your tax bill.  (802) 476-0242 or cdawes@barrecity.org.


Primary Staff:
Carol Dawes, Barre City Clerk/Treasurer - cdawes@barrecity.org