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Buildings and Community Service


Jeff Bergeron, Director of Buildings and Community Service
6 N. Main Street, Suite 2
Barre, VT  05641
(802) 476-0256


Stephanie Quaranta - Asst. Director GCS

Stephanie Quaranta, C.P.R.P., Assistant Director of Buildings and Community Service
6 N. Main Street, Suite 2
Barre, VT  05641
(802) 476-0257


Barre City Yard Waste Disposal

The City of Barre is working to build a yard waste disposal site on Farwell St. Currently this site is houses the remnants of the Big Dig. Once the remainder of the concrete is cleared the site will be open to citizens.
Until the Farwell St site is open Barre City will be working with Barre Town to make the Barre Town Dump Site available on a seasonal basis. Please see the seasonal schedule for details.
If you have yard waste needs outside of the season schedule please contact the Vermont Compost Co. They accept kitchen and yard waste at little to no charge. Please call 802-839-6014 for details on acceptable forms of waste and schedule a drop off.

Merging Recreations and Facilities

In July 2014 the Cemetery, Facilities, and Recreation Departments were consolidated into one new Department, “Buildings and Community Service.” The organizational structure was established with a Director and two Assistant Directors, one focused on Recreation and the other focused on Cemeteries/Parks. After six months of trial structure and training we determined that the department could function with one Assistant Director so the decision was made to reduce the department.

As part of the consolidation we joined the Vermont Convention Bureau in hopes of attaining more leads for rentals of upcoming events as well as more exposure for tours of our cemeteries. In 2017, Jim McWilliams was hired as a Marketing Agent for the Civic Facilities.

The Director of Buildings and Community Services attends the meetings of the following City Committees: ADA Committee, Barre City Energy Committee, Cemetery Committee, and Civic Center Committee. The Director of Building and Community Services also serves as the Tree Warden for the City of Barre.