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Staff are currently working on a Revision to the Vacant Building Ordinance (April 25, 2019):

The current Vacant Building Ordinance has been a topic of discussion for the last three years. We have been trying to add language to the Ordinance that will strengthen it, so that clear guidelines are given as to the City's expectations when it comes to maintenance standards, upkeep of property, registration required with a valid Certificate of Insurance, etc.

A presentation was given to Council on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, with a follow-up discussion on March 26, 2019.  Comments were received via staff, the City Attorney, and the public.

Another Council discussion was held on April 23, 2019 where more comments were received, and have been added to the comment table, where staff need to review for next Council discussion.


Any final comments received in writing shall be reviewed and revisions shall be made based on staff recommendations.  Should few or no comments or concerns beyond what has been heard at Council occur, staff will discuss the option of requesting a warning for another Council discussion, or recommend move straight to a first reading.

A draft of the most up-to-date revised Ordinance is HERE, and a Comment Table can be found HERE.  We welcome questions, comments, suggested changes, grammatical corrections, etc. to be sent to Janet Shatney, Planning Director to her EMAIL, or call her at (802) 477-1465.  The City Attorney is currently reviewing the draft and will offer comments as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Code Enforcement Staff

Douglas Brent - Fire Chief, Chief Code Enforcement Officer, Director of EMS
Joseph Aldsworth - Deputy Fire Chief
(Minimum Housing, Electrical, Building Construction, Fire Inspection, Ordinance Violation)
Robert "Howie" Howarth - Fire Marshal / Health Officer
(Minimum Housing, Fire Inspection, Ordinance Violation)

Robbie Strachan CFI - Building / Electrical Inspector / Deputy Health Officer
(Minimum Housing, Electrical, Building Construction, Fire Inspection, Ordinance Violation)


The City of Barre Vermont has various codes in place for the protection of public health, safety and welfare and the main objective of code enforcement is to facilitate voluntary compliance and work with property owners and occupants to correct violations. Owners and occupants should take responsibility for maintaining their property to promote the preservation of neighborhoods and enhancement of our community.  In many cases, a resident or business owner may be unaware of common code violations and once made aware they may take action to correct the violation.

In an effort to assist our Code Enforcement team complete both commercial and residential inspections, we have created self-inspection forms that you can use to help with your building being code compliant.

RESIDENTIAL Self-Fire Inspection Form

COMMERCIAL Self-Fire Inspection Form

The Barre City Code Enforcement Services are responsible for code compliance throughout the city, which includes trash concerns, fire inspections and rental housing inspections. - Codes Enforced By The City of Barre


The City of Barre regulates the following types of inspections:


If any questions arise as to what inspections are necessary for your project please call the Office of Code Enforcement at (802) 477-7833.

A Guide to Fire Inspections has been prepared and is available to review here, or pick up at the Fire Department or the Planning & Zoning Department for your convenience.

Code Enforcement Complaints

Do you have a complaint?  The City responds to a majority of violations on a complaint basis only. You must submit a written complaint, anonymous complaints will not be investigated.   No complaints will be taken over the phone until this form is completed and submitted for review.  To register a complaint, print the Code Enforcement Complaint Form and submit to the Barre City Code Enforcement Services or fill out the On-line Code Enforcement Complaint Form.

For your convenience, you may also pick up or drop off a completed form at the Planning & Zoning Office.

Phone: (802) 477-7833  Fax:  (802) 476-0270
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.