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Municipal Plan

Municipal Plan Definition and Purpose

The municipal plan is both a thorough research document of the community's present condition and a guide for accomplishing community aspirations and intentions through public investments, land use regulations and other implementation programs. The plan is based upon surveys of existing conditions and probable future trends in the municipality, the region, and the state. Based on these surveys and trend, the plan identifies strategies for development and preservation of resources.

History of Barre City's Planning Process

Barre City has had a history of municipal plan development. The following are the municipal plan activities to date:

2014 Municipal Plan Update

In September, 2013, the Planning Commission started the process of creating a complete rewrite of the municipal plan. The Planning Commission formed study committees to address the special topics of child care, housing, vacant and underutilized land parcels. A downtown market study, which was a joint project of the City of Barre and the Barre Partnership, was also included as part of the planning process.

A series of informal public forums were held to review the downtown revitalization, child care, housing, and land use issues. These forums provided a means to review the Planning Commission's initial findings and recommendations with the public.

In addition, the Planning Commission held a formal public hearing and City Council held two additional hearings on June 9 & June 17, 2014 as required by state law.

The municipal plan documents can be viewed and, if desired, saved to your local computer by click HERE. All documents are in PDF format which can be viewed using Adobe Reader software which can be downloaded free at

The Planning Commission is responsible for preparing the plan, distributing the plan, holding public hearings on the plan, and submitting it to the Council for consideration. Council is required to hold at least two additional hearings before adoption.