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Zoning Update as of October 5, 2018:

After nearly two years at working on the zoning update, we have available Draft No. 3 edited with certain pages, from our most recent 2 meetings in September 2018.  Work was recently done to enhance the understanding of the Overlay section, showing the difference between requirements for new buildings versus modifications to existing buildings.

This is an update from the June 2018 version.  We have been receiving comments on these from merchants, residents, developers, staff and other reviewing agencies.

Our Comment Table, updated as of October 4, 2018 shows you the comments and the Commission's discussion and response.  Those lines highlighted in yellow are items that the Commission will be discussing at their October 18th and October 25th meetings, including any remaining comments we may receive.

The first full draft of the of the Barre City Unified Development Ordinance, has been our for review since March 2018.  This was a re-write of the current zoning ordinance with a consolidation of the Subdivision Ordinance.  Many changes and enhancements have been discussed, and this is the product of those long hours.  The new Unified Development Ordinance is broken down by parts.  They are drafted as follows:

Part 1 – legal framework, what does not require a permit; pre-existing development; non-conforming development. Read More...

Part 2 – Zoning Districts.  The building form, dimensional requirements and what uses are allowed as drafted. Read More...

Part 3 – Compilation of standards that apply to different types of development. Read More...

Part 4 – Administration, processes for getting permits, development approvals, hearings and enforcement. Read More...

Part 5 – Definitions.


On March 22, 2018, the Barre City Planning Commission held our 3rd community meeting to involve citizens as we consider revisions to the city’s zoning ordinance.  At the workshop, our consultant did a presentation of the full draft of the ordinance that has been worked on over the last year and a half.  Some changes include the new draft zoning districts and the draft map, the legal requirements, a more complete list of exemptions, the new overlay districts, of which one is new, the revised standards, site design and performance standards, specific use standards, subdivision, planned unit development, zoning goals, and the new density standard.

More information about the re-zoning project call Janet Shatney, Planning Director, at (802) 477-1465.

Our consultant is using a new website to the public for comment on the map and the text of the draft zoning ordinance.  Comments are able to be made at this website, and may aid you in reviewing the maps.  Please visit


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is made up of seven members appointed by the City Council. Responsibilities of the Barre City Planning Commission include:

The Planning Commission normally meets the second and fourth Thursdays of each month (with sometimes a more limited schedule in July and August) at 6:30 PM in Council Chambers.

Current members include:

Mission:  To improve our community by creating economic vitality and promoting the highest standards for development and revitalization throughout the City of Barre.

Correspondence to the Commission should be directed to:

Planning Commission
c/o Planning, Permitting, & Assessing Services
6 North Main St. Ste 7
Barre, VT 05641