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UPDATED 7/12 1:45PM Weather Alert

Event Date: July 26, 2024
UPDATED 7/12 1:45 PM Weather Alert

July 10-11 Weather Alert

UPDATE JULY 12 at 6:00PM

  • The boil water notice was LIFTED earlier this afternoon. Tap water is safe to consume.
  • Brook Street from Farwell Street to Pleasant Street will be CLOSED through the weekend.
  • There are now 7 dumpsters located around the City for storm debris only. Locations are indicated by the red stars in the map below:

UPDATE JULY 12 at 1:35PM


UPDATE JULY 12 at 1:00PM

Bottled water is now available at the Auditorium parking lot.  Please help yourself, and recognize that there are others who may have similar needs as you.

The boil water notice remains in effect for now.

UPDATE JULY 12 at 10:30AM

Dumpsters for storm-related debris have been placed around the City.  Please check out the map below for locations (red stars indicate dumpsters).

UPDATE JULY 11, at 5:45PM

Please click here to view the City's press conference about the storm event and recovery.

UPDATE JULY 11 at 11:30AM

  • No Parking on Main Street between Elm Street and Maple Avenue has been EXTENDED through tomorrow, Friday, July 12. Please respect this temporary parking ban so our crews can clean up our City and sweepers can make rounds.
  • If you had silt or mud at your home, please shovel it curbside. City crews will be around to remove it in the next several days. City crews CANNOT go onto private property to remove silt/mud.
  • Dumpsters are being secured and locations will be announced. Please respect people who have sustained damage and limit use only for flood-related debris and/or NY Yankees gear.
  • The boil water notice remains in effect for all Barre City water system customers. We have requested water and will announce areas to pick it up once it is received.

Please continue to follow this website, our Facebook page (@BarreCityVT), and sign up for VT-Alerts for updates.

UPDATE JULY 11 at 2:00AM

This lull has given our infrastructure time to catch up to the storm. We are still watching one last band, but expect we will make it through the night with limited further impact.

The storm left some mud and debris on our streets. Please take note of the following announcements regarding recovery:

  • There will be NO PARKING on Thursday 7/11 on Main Street between Elm Street and Maple Avenue. This is necessary so DPW can clean and remove mud and debris.
  • There will be intermittent closures on Main Street while DPW crews work during the day.
  • Please respect barricades and instructions from City officials. In case you are wondering, yes, that barricade is meant for you, too.
  • Please follow this page, our website, and register for VT-Alert to stay up-to-date on recovery activities.

UPDATE JULY 10 at 9:45PM

A strong and long-duration band of rain is still in the forecast for the area, with heavy rains continuing past midnight. Please take note of the following updates:

  • If you are in a flood-prone area, this current lull is your best opportunity to seek higher ground. The Barre Auditorium shelter has been activated (pets welcome). You may also shelter in place on second floors until water recedes;
  • Please DO NOT call dispatch to report water in your basement unless it is a life-or-death situation -- by doing so, you are taking up resources from people in immediate danger; and
  • Watch our website (barrecity.org) and Facebook page (@BarreCityVT) for updates overnight, especially if you are in flood-prone areas.

UPDATE JULY 10 at 5:00PM

Below are updates from the last briefings City staff has received:

  • The next heavy band of rain is expected around 6PM.
  • This storm is still tracking as LESS severe than last July or December
  • There is a high probability of thunderstorms
  • If rain remains at the projected 3 inch levels, there is little concern over broad scale flooding

Locally, we are taking these steps:

  • Assets have been deployed to keep the trestle bridge clear and free of debris
  • Public Safety staff will be deployed to continue checks of trouble areas this evening and overnight

Please continue to check our website and Facebook (@BarreCityVT) for updates, and sign up for VT-Alerts.


UPDATE JULY 10 at 8:45AM

The forecast for the weather event has not materially changed overnight.  We are still expecting up to 3 inches of rain in the area.  Experts at the National Weather Service expect that this storm has the potential to create some flash flooding (i.e. some culverts overwhelmed, gravel roads and shoulders washed out) as opposed to widespread river flooding. 

Click here for the latest National Weather Service Briefing

Some areas could experience up to 5 inches of rain.  City crews continue to clear out high-risk storm drains and basins, monitor and clear trash racks, and stage response equipment throughout the City. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, and so should residents.  If you live in a low-lying, flood prone, or river adjacent property, here are some steps you can take to be prepared and stay safe during this event:

  • Regularly check our website and Facebook (@BarreCityVT) for updates
  • Sign up for VT-Alerts
  • Have a "to-go" bag ready, including essentials like medication
  • Keep your phone and essential medical equipment charged
  • Follow instructions from City officials and respect barricades
  • Build your own sandbag at the Public Works Garage (6 Burnham Street)
  • Move your vehicle to higher ground (parking is available at the Civic Center for residents during the duration of the storm event)

The City Pool will be CLOSED TODAY so that our lifeguards can stay home safe with their families. 


JULY 9: The National Weather Service is predicting heavy rains in the area on Wednesday associated with remnants of Tropical Storm Beryl.  Currently, the Barre area is expected to receive 1.5-3.0 inches of rain, with isolated areas receiving amounts of 3-5 inches.  There are chances of flash flooding in areas where higher rain totals are combined with saturated soils. 

Click here for the latest National Weather Service Briefing

While concerning, this forecast is far less dangerous than similar forecasts we were receiving at this time last year.  During last year's flooding event, areas around Barre received approximately 7 inches of rain.  We do not expect a repeat of last year's devastation, but we are preparing, and so should residents in low-lying and flood prone areas of the City. 

The City will continue to post updates on this website, our Facebook page (@BarreCityVT), and via VT-Alert

What the City is doing to prepare:

  • Public Works crews are cleaning and clearing basins
  • Public Safety is checking known problem areas around the river, including the railroad trestle, bridges, and other areas where debris tends to collect -- where appropriate, we are contacting the State to remove debris
  • Trash racks are being inspected and cleared
  • Auditorium is being prepared in case it needs to be activated as an emergency shelter
  • Closely monitoring forecasts and preparing to move assets to the Civic Center, as appropriate
  • Sand bags have been set out at the Public Works Garage (6 Burnham Street) for residents or local businesses that need them for protection

What you can do to prepare:

  • Visit the City website and/or Facebook page (@BarreCityVT) for updates
  • Sign up for VT-Alerts (Click here to be redirected to the registration page)
  • If you are in a low-lying or flood prone part of the City, including the North End, Vine Street/Scampini Square, River/Granite Streets, and/or Harrington Ave, prepare a to-go bag and make sure your phone is charged
  • Follow updates and instructions from City officials.  If recommendations to evacuate are eventually made, we encourage you to leave your home since areas of the City could become stranded in worst-case scenarios.