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2020 Municipal Plan

The municipal plan is both a thorough research document of the community's present condition and a guide for accomplishing community aspirations and intentions through public investments, land use regulations and other implementation programs.  The plan is based upon surveys of existing conditions and probable future trends in the municipality, the region, and the state.

The 2020 Plan is an update to the thoroughly overhauled 2014 Plan, that expired in June of 2019.  It also includes adding a new forest integrity element to the plan.  The energy section has been updated also to meet newer statutory requirements, and more discussion was added to the housing chapter to reflect trends for accessory dwelling units, as was pointed out in our 2018 municipal consultation with the CVRPC (Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission).

A revision to 24 VSA 4387 now gives plans a life cycle of 8 years, from the previous 5 years, we believe that this update is recognized as good effort to continue with goals and trends.

The Planning Commission held a formal public hearing virtually on July 23, 2020, and multiple public comments were received.  It was voted to pass the draft Plan forward to the City Council with minor edits made.  The City Council held two public hearings on September 8 and 15, 2020 as required by state law.  At their September 15, 2020 hearing, the City Council voted unanimously of the members present to adopt the Plan.  It has now been sent to the CVRPC for their approval and confirmation of the planning process.

The municipal plan is valid for 8 years, and expires on September 15, 2028.  Click on the image below to open the Plan as a pdf document.