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Land Records Access

Barre City land records are available for public viewing during office hours. Time in the vault is charged at $4/hour. Copies of land record documents are $1/page. Electronic or photographic copies are not allowed.

Click HERE to view the Barre City land records index and documents from July 1, 1980 through current recordings.

COVID-19 NOTICE for land records researchers: We are accepting appointments for time in the vault for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Please call the clerk's office at (802) 476-0242 or email to make an appointment and learn of the conditions for your visit. You can access our index and documents online (from July 1, 1980 through current).

When visiting our vault during COVID-19, the following procedures and conditions apply:

1.   You must have an appointment.  No walk-ins will be accommodated.  Appointments will be available for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (9:00 AM – 4:30 PM) in 30 minute increments.  You may sign up for multiple slots.  When your time is up, you will be asked to leave to accommodate the next appointment, unless the slot after yours is available.  Please call the office (476-0242) to make your appointment.  Only one researcher is allowed in the office at a time.  The last slot begins at 4 PM and ends at 4:30 PM.  Time cannot be extended beyond 4:30 PM.

2.   Requests for lister cards and tax maps can be made via email to the assessor’s office at

3.   You will come to the front door of City Hall (facing City Hall Park) and call the office to be let in.  476-0242.

4.   A mask will be required while you’re in the building.  You must bring your own mask.  We will check your temperature with a touchless thermometer.

5.   Upon entering the office you will wash your hands, following CDC guidelines.  There is a sink in the office on the way to the vault.  After washing your hands you will be required to put on a pair of gloves (City will provide).  No books, computers, copiers, documents or index cards may be touched without gloves, as there is no way to sanitize paper.

6.   Please bring your own pens, pencils, clipboards, notebooks, staplers.  You will not be allowed to borrow any of ours.

7.   Please come prepared to make payment for your time and copies at the conclusion of your appointment.  We accept cash and checks.  We do not accept any form of plastic.

8.   We will wipe down all surfaces between researchers.

9.   You will not be allowed into any other part of City Hall, including the rest rooms.