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Title Page Ordinance Table of Contents
Charter Introduction Chapter 1 General Provisions
Table of Contents

Chapter 2 Administration

Ch I   Incorporation and General Provisions Chapter 3 Animals and Fowl
Ch II  Elections and City Meetings Chapter 4 Buildings and Building Construction
Ch III City Council Chapter 5 Electricity
Ch IV City Officials Chapter 6 Fire Protection and Prevention
Ch V  Departments & Boards Chapter 7 Minimum Housing
Ch VI Taxation Chapter 8 Industrial Safety
Charter Updates Table through Nov. 7, 2006 Chapter 9 Salvage Yards
Footnotes Chapter 10 Licenses
Central Vermont Public Safety Authority Charter as of May 20, 2014 Chapter 11 Offenses & Misc. Provisions
  Chapter 12 Plumbing
  Chapter 13 Signs
  Chapter 14 Streets and Sidewalks
  Chapter 15 Swimming Pools
  Chapter 16 Vehicles for Hire
  Chapter 17 Traffic
  Chapter 18 Trash
  Chapter 19 Water & Sewer Services
  Chapter 20 Tree Ordinance
  Chapter 21 Vehicles Permitted on Private Property
  Chapter 22 Fire/EMS Service Reimbursement
  Chapter 23 Vacant Buildings
  Chapter 24 Community Investment Ordinance

Unified Development Ordinance

Official Zoning Districts Map

  Flood Hazard Regulations


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