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Title Page Ordinance Table of Contents
Charter Introduction Chapter 1 General Provisions
Table of Contents Chapter 2 Administration
Ch I   Incorporation and General Provisions Chapter 3 Animals & Fowl
Ch II  Elections and City Meetings Chapter 4 Buildings and Building Construction
Ch III City Council Chapter 5 Electricity
Ch IV City Officials Chapter 6 Fire Protection and Prevention
Ch V  Departments & Boards Chapter 7 Minimum Housing
Ch VI Taxation Chapter 8 Industrial Safety
Charter Updates Table through Nov. 7, 2006 Chapter 9 Junkyards
Footnotes Chapter 10 Licenses
Central Vermont Public Safety Authority Charter as of May 20, 2014 Chapter 11 Offenses and Misc. Provisions
  Chapter 12 Plumbing
  Chapter 13 Signs
  Chapter 14 Streets and Sidewalks
  Chapter 15 Swimming Pools
  Chapter 16 Vehicles for Hire
  Chapter 17 Traffic
  Chapter 18 Trash
  Chapter 19 Water & Sewer Services
  Chapter 20 Tree Ordinance
  Chapter 21 Vehicles Permitted on Private Property
  Chapter 22 Fire/EMS Service Reimbursement
  Chapter 23 Vacant Buildings

Unified Development Ordinance

Official Zoning Districts Map

  Flood Hazard Regulations