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Securing Local Approvals

Barre City is a business-friendly community. Every effort is made to keep approvals as simple and short as possible and to provide coordination between departments.

Zoning Approvals

Zoning approval is always needed for expansion or construction of buildings, erection of signs, and home occupations. Changes in use may sometimes also require zoning approval. Click here to learn more about the zoning approval process and to download applications or call 476-0245

Building and Electrical Approvals

Building and/or electrical approvals are generally required for any construction activity and all wiring. Click here to learn more about the building approval process and to download forms or call 476-0245. Our building inspector works closely with the State Department of Public Safety to coordinate inspection activities.

Water and Sanitary Connections and Curb Openings

Water and sanitary connections and curb openings are coordinated by the City Engineer who can be reached at 476-0250.

Other Local Approvals

Barre City does not require any special business license to operate in the city. However, a few uses do require Council approvals and licenses including businesses involving billiard rooms, bowling alleys, eating establishments, peddlers, taxi operations, junkyards, and public dance. Information on these special approvals can be obtained at the City Clerks office or by calling the City Clerk at 476-0242.