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Planning Commission

Planning Commission
Meets on the 2nd Thursday at 5:30 PM
Council Chambers, City Hall

The role of the Planning Commission is to provide leadership and long-term perspective on community planning matters. This involves public outreach and feedback including holding public hearings, conducting surveys, holding forums, and educating the community about issues facing the City of Barre. The Planning Commission is a policy board that works collaboratively with the community, other municipal boards, and regional/state partners to help define and achieve the City of Barre’s vision as expressed in the City's Municipal Plan. The principal responsibility of the Planning Commission is to prepare and amend the Municipal Plan and the land use regulations (e.g., Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, Official Map).

Land use refers to the relationship between people and the land, more specifically, how the physical world is adapted, modified, or put to use for human purposes.  Decisions about land use are made by people from many walks of life. the public sector also makes important decisions about land use.  Because policy and funding decisions have myriad effects on land use, courts interpreting how laws and policies apply in practice, there are many acronyms and terms the public may not be familiar with.  This Glossary of Land Use and Planning Terms has been compiled to assist in understanding the topic of land use and planning, making it less mysterious and more accessible.  We hope you find it valuable when you don't  understand what something means. Bookmarks for each alphabet letter so you can easily move through to the term you might be looking for.  And to keep it up to date, if you, the reader have a question or another term that has been used and is not in this glossary, please notify Janet and she will update it.  Enjoy.

Regular Meetings:


The Barre City Planning Commission is a seven member board, appointed by the City Council, with members serving three-year terms.  The Planning Commission adopted their amended Rules of Procedure on September 26, 2019.

Each member serves a 3-year term.

David Sichel, Chair
Term expires 2025

Raylene Meunier
Term expires 2026

Term expires 2026

Rosemary (Lynn) Averill
Term expires 2026

Caitlin Corkins
Term expires 2026

Joe Reil, Secretary
Term expires 2026

Becky Wigg, Vice Chair
Term expires 2025



Correspondence to the Commission should be directed to:

The Barre City Planning Commission
c/o Janet E. Shatney, Director
Planning, Permitting, & Assessing Services
6 North Main St. Ste 7
Barre, VT 05641