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Barre City Planning Commission

 Current Work:

The Planning Commission is working on the updates to the City's Municipal Plan.  This plan was written over the course of several years, and adopted by the City Council on June 17, 2014, with approval by the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission that they confirmed our plan met the planning process via 24 VSA 4350(a), and they approved the plan via 24 VSA 4350(b).  The plan expired in June of 2014, and we are working on edits and updates so that the Council can readopt a revised and updated plan that can then meet the state's planning process.  This will aid the City in Barre for a multitude of things, including the ability to empower local decisions by making it possible to adopt zoning, subdivision and flood hazard regulations; to be able to influence state regulatory proceedings such as Act 250 applications; and also to qualify and receive priority for certain state funding and federal programs, including planning, implementation, and brownfield development grants.

You can help us by participating in a robust, public engagement by attending meetings, sending us comments, and help us paint a clear picture of the City's future, making Barre City a great place to live and work.  This is a COPY of the current Municipal Plan minus the photos, and here is copy of the FULL 2014 Municipal Plan.

We are conducting a very basic survey at the moment, and would appreciate your filling it out.  We will be collating the responses we get here on the website, as well as those from our tabling that is happening during the Farmer's Markets Wednesday afternoons at Currier Park.  Stop by, say hello to the Commission members who are there, look at a copy of the plan, chat it up so you understand why its so important for us to hear from you.

Please click on this SURVEY link, thank you.

Our work and progress:

The role of the Planning Commission is to provide leadership and long-term perspective on community planning matters. This involves public outreach and feedback including holding public hearings, conducting surveys, holding forums, and educating the community about issues facing the City of Barre. The Planning Commission is a policy board that works collaboratively with the community, other municipal boards, and regional/state partners to help define and achieve the City of Barre’s vision as expressed in the City's Municipal Plan. The principal responsibility of the Planning Commission is to prepare and amend the Municipal Plan and the land use regulations (e.g., Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, Official Map).

Regular Meetings:


The Barre City Planning Commission is a seven member board, appointed by the City Council, with members serving three-year terms.  The Planning Commission adopted their amended Rules of Procedure on September 26, 2019.

Current Members are:

Michael Hellein, Chair
term expires June 2020

James Hart, III, Vice-Chair
term expires June 2020

David Sichel
term expires June 2022

Jackie Calder
term expires June 2020

Rachel Rudi
term expires June 2020

Rick Badem
term expires June 2020

Jacob Hemmerick
term expires June 2022


Correspondence to the Commission should be directed to:

The Barre City Planning Commission
c/o Janet E. Shatney, Director
Planning, Permitting, & Assessing Services
6 North Main St. Ste 7
Barre, VT 05641