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Curriculm for Conversation series

Learning Outcomes:

Conversation 1: Introducing Concepts and Building Trust
Participants will get an overview of the four sessions and learning outcomes. We will set ground rules for our interactions and begin defining key terms.

Conversation 2: Examining Identities and Systems
Participants will begin to reflect on identities and how that connects with broader systemic inequity. Case studies will be considered with “real life” situations.

Conversation 3: Bringing Our Full Selves
Participants will revisit our ground rules to ensure that they are still working for them. The focus shifts to empathy building and ways in which individuals can engage in dialogue across differences.

Conversation 4: Creating Inclusive Communities
The final conversation contemplates the question, “Now what?”. Participants will consider what they have learned and begin to apply that to their role and goal setting moving forward.

Progress will be assessed through pre- and post- engagement assessments and utilized to amend the curriculum for future cycles.