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Spring 2024 elections March 5th & May 14th

MARCH 5, 2024

Vermont's presidential primary, and the Barre Unified Union School District elections were held Tuesday, March 5, 2024.  

Click HERE for the BUUSD official results.

Click HERE for the Presidential primary official results.

MAY 14, 2024

Due to lingering impacts from the July 2023 flooding and its effect on the City's budget, the Barre City Council has rescheduled the annual meeting election from Town Meeting Day to May 14th.  On that date, Barre City voters will vote for Mayor, Clerk/Treasurer, and Councilors, the municipal budget, other funding requests, and any proposed charter changes, among other things.

The links below relate to both elections.

Click HERE for a list of offices up for election.

Click HERE for information about running for office.

Click HERE for a blank nominating petition form for Barre City offices (not BUUSD offices - see the separate petition form).

Click HERE for a blank BUUSD nominating petition form.

Click HERE for a blank consent of candidate form for both Barre City and BUUSD offices.

The Vermont presidential primary will be held the same date, at the same time and location.  To participate in the primary, voters will be asked to select the Democrat or Republican ballot.  State law requires you to request your specific party ballot, and that information is recorded on the entrance checklist.

Call the Clerk's office for additional information, or with any questions:  (802) 476-0242.