July 2023 Flood Response

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Flood Related Trash/Debris Pick-Up Around the City

The City allocated significant resources to assist with debris collection and removal during this public health emergency.  Beginning the week of July 24, the City's debris collection transitioned to a contract operated by the state. 

Debris collection by the City and the State contractor has ended.  Over 3,875 tons of debris were removed. 

In order to have debris removed, residents were required to place FLOOD-RELATED debris on the edge of their property by Monday, August 7, 2023 at 5PM.  Residents are now responsible for disposal at their own cost.  Code Enforcement will direct residents to remove any debris that has not been placed out in time for pick-up by the contractor. 

In order to have been picked up, the following guidelines applied:
NO DO NOT place it on the street
NO DO NOT place it on the sidewalk
YES DO place it on the edge of your property where the trash hauler can reach it

The State contractor and the City were not able to go onto private property to remove debris at any point during the clean up.