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E911 Address Signs


City of Barre Fire and Emergency Management Services

E911 Address Signs

We here at the BCFD/EMS count on you having your property clearly marked with its E911 address.

The building numbering must be in a location that is visible, and in a way that is visible in all various conditions, such as daytime, nighttime, snow, sleet, rain, etc.

The City has partnered with Traffic Control Industries, Inc., a local traffic sign company, to offer a street number sign for your purchase. The order form can be found by clicking the link HERE or below on the form.

Barre City Ordinance Streets and Sidewalks Chapter 14 states in part, “The owner of every building shall place the building number in four (4”) inch high numerals on the building, a post, or a sign so that the building number is clearly visible from the street or road.  Numbers shall be in a color contrasting to the building background.”

 Not only is numbering your building a City requirement, it is also a State of Vermont Requirement.

 NFPA-1 Section 10.12 states in part, “New and existing building shall have address numbers placed in a position plainly legible and visible from the street.”

You can see this display in City Hall outside the Planning office.  It is proudly built by Firefighter Holden Poirier (who owns Poirier Woodworks), with finishing touches added by Deputy Fire Chief Joe Aldsworth.  Feel free to take a pamphlet that contains the order form inside if you are in City Hall.

- You can order your building number vertically, or horizontally

- Numbers should be at least 4” in height and reflective

- Remember, numbers posted by the road prevent the responder from having to take their eyes off the road while traveling

- Numbers should be posted so they can be seen from BOTH travel directions, even on a dead end road

- Keep your reflective marker clear of tall grass and snow, and should not be covered by trees or bushes

- City Emergency Services respond to hundreds of calls a year, ranging from motor vehicle collisions to structure fires and more

We take tremendous pride in our ability to respond quickly to calls for aid, and nothing is more frustrating than not being able to locate the address for which we are being called to.