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Uniform Patrol Division

Baril, James - Police Officer

Fecher, Jesse - Police Officer

Frey, Jacob - Corporal

Gaylord, Amos - Corporal/K9 Patrol w/K9 "Michael"

Hoar, Brian - Sergeant

Houle, Jonathan - Sergeant

Kuras, Sarah - Police Officer

Lewis, Brittany - Corporal

McGowan, James - Police Officer

Reale, Michael - Police Officer

Tucker, Randall - Sergeant


The Uniform Patrol Division provides the delivery of community-oriented police services as well as non-emergency and emergency response to calls for service, the investigation and reporting of criminal offenses, and enforcement of laws and local ordinances. In most cases, the first responding patrol officer will conduct the preliminary investigation of most crimes, including collecting evidence and contacting investigative personnel as needed.

Patrol officers also work to promote traffic safety within the city through enforcement as well as initiatives focused on transportation safety and education. 


The traffic safety supervisor oversees the department’s traffic safety program, which seeks to identify and reduce traffic collisions, repeated traffic violations known to cause crashes, and reduce community traffic complaints. The traffic safety supervisor further serves as a liaison to the city's Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) In cooperation with the Governor's Highway Safety Program, the traffic safety supervisor is responsible for focusing enforcement and education efforts on those roadways identified as having high occurrences of crashes; highest instances of distracted driving, aggressive driving, and driving under the influence; or those areas that are the subject of resident complaints.


The Barre City Police Department deploys a single canine team, Corporal Amos Gaylord and his canine partner, Mike. When directed by Corporal Gaylord, Mike is capable of conducting “sniffs” to locate hidden narcotics, illicit drugs, and evidence. Mike is also capable of conducting tracks to locate evading subjects and missing persons. A trained police canine team is a law enforcement tool, performing the majority of their work with the canine’s nose — in the form of sniffs. The canine team is assigned to the Patrol Division and available, with the authorization of their supervisor, to assist all law enforcement agencies in the area. Canine teams handle police department assignments when not engaged in canine activities.

All canine teams have successfully completed specialized training by an instructor who is certified by the Vermont Criminal Justice Council (VCJC) or professional Police Canine Association before being certified for duty.