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ELECTRICIANS and HOMEOWNERS NOTE:  We have filled our electrical inspector position as of Monday, October 16, 2023.  Please welcome Arthur Young, City Electrical Inspector and Master Electrician.


Please start applying for all electrical work to be done within the City limits once again.  Also, when you are ready for an energizing, rough-in or final inspection, please contact Arthur ASAP, either via EMAIL, or dial the office at (802) 477-7833.


Again, the City now has an Electrical Inspector, therefore ALL applications must flow through the City once more (single family, duplex, multi-family, public building, commercial, industrial, etc.).




NOTE:  When calculating the fees for your permit applications, please use the fee schedules within each application type, and follow the instructions.  Please contact MICHELLE to verify the correct fees due if need be.

Ways to Pay:

Ways to submit a complete Application:


Please click on the icon below to download the specified document or map in Adobe PDF format. Please contact MICHELLE if you have any questions.

You must include:


Cover Sheet, Zoning, Building, Electrical, and Flood Hazard Application forms were updated July of 2023;
previous versions will not be accepted

Permit Checklist (informational for all permitting) Permit Cover Sheet (REQUIRED) Electrical Application Permit Form
Permit Cover Sheet (REQUIRED) Building Application Checklist Vacant Building Registration/Renewal Application
Zoning Permit Application Building Permit Application  
Agent for Owner Form Sketch Sheet (additional sheet)  
Sketch Sheet (additional sheet)    
Flood Hazard Permit Application    
Conditional Use Supplemental Form    
Site Plan Supplemental Form    
Home Occupation Supplemental Form    
Home Business Supplemental Form    
Accessory Apartment Supplemental Form    
Variance Request Form (use variances NOT allowed)    
Waiver Request Form (dimensional only)    
Notice of Appeal Form (of Zoning Admin. decision only)    


Time of Sale Inspections:

In an effort to help our property owners, the City's Code Enforcement Services has instituted a new program - they are offering a Time of Sale Inspection for buyers and sellers of all types of residential properties (single family, duplex, multi-family, etc.).  This is not a mandatory inspection, but is offered for your benefit and at your request.

The Inspection has a fee associated with it, and the request must be made with the Fire Marshal's office AT LEAST 15 DAYS IN ADVANCE of your need.The REQUEST FORM can be downloaded here, or can be picked up in City Hall at the Zoning and Assessing Office.  All requests must be dropped off at the Zoning and Assessing Office with the fee in the form of cash, check made out to "City of Barre, VT", or online payment using the Xpress Pay Portal (see above) at which point it will be forwarded to the Fire Marshal for review and scheduling.  Please ensure a good phone number is listed on this form so that contact can be readily made.